will robo hamsters kill each other

Will Robo Hamsters Kill Each Other? Cannibalistic Breeds Robo hamsters thrive in colonies, but they must have enough space or they too can become cannibalistic due to overcrowding. In this case, the Robos will kill the young to protect the older members of the colony from starvation.

Can 2 Robo hamsters live together? Robo hamsters are one of the few breeds that thrive when paired together. When housed together at an early age, the hamsters will play, sleep and even eat together. Because Robos are best-suited for observation, having two Robo hamsters housed together can make the Robos more entertaining.

Do robo dwarf hamsters fight each other? You can keep 2-3 males together or 2-3 females together without issue as long as they’re introduced young. If you keep a male and female together they will breed, fight and the female will dominate, attack and possible even kill the male in some more extreme cases. Female hamsters are very dominant.

Is it normal for Robo hamsters to fight? Clean the Cage Sometimes hamsters are territorial, which can lead to fighting. While you have feuding hamsters sequestered, clean the main cage they share and replace bedding. Add new toys, like exercise wheels or tunnels, to give your hamsters something to keep them occupied and expend their energy.

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