what do dwarf hamsters need

What Do Dwarf Hamsters Need? Dwarf hamsters need a cage with plenty of space, appropriate bedding and fun toys. They need feeding with complete hamster mix once a day, as well as fresh water daily. They need handling with care and cleaning out at least once a week.

Are dwarf hamsters easy to take care of? As pets, they are generally docile and easy to handle, as well as fun to watch as they tunnel and romp around in their enclosure. They’re also simple to care for, requiring a fairly straightforward diet and regular cage cleaning.

What do you need for two dwarf hamsters?

When housing multiple dwarf hamsters together, it is important they have a large enclosure with two of everything: two food dishes, two water bottles, two hideouts, two wheels, two of each chew, etc. Hamsters are much more likely to get along if they don’t have to share resources.

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