how big should clones be

How Big Should Clones Be? Most full-sized clones stand 12 inches tall when cut. The larger the clone, the more the plant will eventually grow, resulting in larger mother plants that will produce more clones and larger buds when the plants are brought into the flowering stage. How big should a cutting be to clone? …

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the final countdown rocky movie

The Final Countdown Rocky Movie? Even the last guy who thinks he’s being nerdy-smart. That’s because “The Final Countdown” is nowhere in “Rocky IV” and nowhere on the accompanying soundtrack LP/cassette/CD/digital download. In fact, the song wasn’t even released until a year after “Rocky IV” came out. Is The Final Countdown in any Rocky movie? …

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the ugly duckling themes

The Ugly Duckling Themes? THEMES The Ugly Duckling is about the search for personal identity. It asks the question – Where do I fit in? Rather than conforming to what is thought to be normal, one little duckling stands out. The book explores themes of belonging, isolation and togetherness, acceptance and kindness. What does the …

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