is spider wood safe for hamsters

Is Spider Wood Safe For Hamsters? As long the driftwood is free of tannins or oils and has not been treated with pesticides or other dangerous chemicals it can be provided to hamsters.

What woods are safe for hamsters? Choose twigs and branches from hard wood trees in your own yard, such as oak or maple. Avoid soft woods, such as pine and yew. These can splinter and scratch the inside of your hamster’s mouth when chewed.

Is it OK for hamsters to chew on wood? To help keep them healthy and happy, hamsters need plenty of toys to chew on and keep their teeth ground down to a safe length. However, you can’t just go out in your yard and pick up a stick to give to you pet. You should make sure that any wood or toys you give your pet are made from safe materials.

What plywood is safe for hamsters?

Susanna11 PetForums Junior. Pine and spruce are safe if kiln-dried and untreated, and they are the ones that are widely available for DIY. Poplar is also safe. Don’t use any kind of man-made or re-formed woods, such as MDF, plywood, chipboard etc.

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