how to take care of baby hamsters

How To Take Care Of Baby Hamsters? A pregnant hamster needs plenty of clean water and a good quality diet throughout the pregnancy until the babies are weaned. Critter Chaws suggests increasing its protein and fat intake by serving hard-boiled eggs, boiled chicken, cereals, among others. Make sure that their home is clean and ready.

How do you take care of newborn hamsters? To care for hamster babies, start by leaving them alone in the cage with their mother for the first two weeks. Then, after a week, scatter some food around the floor of the cage to encourage the babies to explore the area. After two weeks, begin holding them so that they can get used to being handled by humans.

What do baby hamsters eat? Feeding Baby Hamsters Baby hamsters will likely benefit from wheat germ cereal early in their development, so sprinkle a little close to the nest. Also small seeds such as millet are good for hamster pups, even those younger than 10 days old. Place a whole sprig of millet in the cage as an extra treat for the mother.

How do you handle baby hamsters? Give Your Hamster Privacy It will be hard to resist, but try not to handle the babies at all for at least 7 days. 1 You want to avoid getting your scent on the babies and unnecessarily moving them. If for some reason you must move a baby hamster, use a spoon so you do not get your scent on the baby.

When can I touch the baby hamsters?

14 days of age is “the ideal time to begin to familiarize your young hamster with being handled,” says Kohles. This should be a thoughtful process where you can help desensitize them to handling to minimize the stress of the baby hamsters.

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