how do you tell the age of a guinea pig

How Do You Tell The Age Of A Guinea Pig? 1 Year to 5 Years For instance, a guinea pig’s teeth will become duller as they age. The duller the teeth are, the closer they likely are to 5 years of age. The teeth of a guinea pig nearing their senior years may start to chip or break. Also, their nails will get more yellow and brittle with every passing year.

How old is my guinea pig years? Guinea Pig – The first year for a guinea pig is about ten human years progressing at that same rate so that by the time five human years has passed, your guinea pig will be fifty!

How old are guinea pigs when sold? Adult Guinea Pig We receive Guinea pigs into our stores no younger than 8 weeks old, generally when they are sold they are between 8-10 weeks.

How old is a 5 guinea pig?

4 years = 40 years old. 5 years = 50 years old. 6 years = 60 years old. 7 years = 80 years old.

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