how do you take care of a newborn guinea pig

How Do You Take Care Of A Newborn Guinea Pig? To care for baby guinea pigs, get a roomy cage and make sure they can’t slip through the spaces between the bars. Feed the pups twice a day, provide a constant supply of fresh water, and handle them often so they can get comfortable with human interaction.

What do newborn guinea pigs need? Your baby guinea pigs will start to nibble solid food from only a few days old. You can start introducing them to timothy and oaten hay, pellets, as well as small amounts of green vegetables and water in a shallow dish from when they are born, but this does not mean they are ready to be weaned.

Can you hold newborn guinea pigs? They will be feeling a bit tender and very protective of their babies after the birth, so it’s best to leave them alone for a month afterwards too. Baby guinea pigs should not be held at all for at least one week after birth, and must always be handled very gently.

Can baby guinea pigs survive without mother?

Even so, they cannot fend for themselves and should be nursed for at least 5 days. Guinea pigs make the best mothers and give the pups the best chance at survival. If the mother is unable to nurse due to illness or death, place the orphans with a foster guinea pig mother if at all possible.

Do newborn guinea pigs drink water?

Hi! Please do not fret. Guinea pigs get enough water from their veg to not dehydrate, but the more veg you feed, the less good for their health and the less incentive they have to take heed of the water bottle. If they have never learned from an older guinea pig to drink from a bottle, they usually struggle at first.

How do guinea pigs act before giving birth?

Lethargy and listlessness are common a few days before delivery in guinea pigs. If you’ve noticed your female slow down or be a bit more distant than usual, then she may be due to give birth in the next couple of days. When your guinea pig is in labor, she may appear motionless or stay seated in the corner of her cage.

Do guinea pigs give birth at night?

The birthing process The time of delivery can often be difficult to predict in guinea pigs because the sow does not build a nest and because of the relatively long pregnancy. Birth can occur at any time of day, but often occurs at night. During the birthing process, the sow will squat down on all four limbs.

Do guinea pigs reject their babies?

Baby guinea pigs are sometimes rejected by their moms If a baby guinea pig has been rejected by its mother, you will need to feed it every one to one-and-a-half hours. Let them take as much of the milk as they want at each feeding time.

How long does it take for a guinea pig to give birth?

The guinea pig pregnancy duration is long – approximately 59- 72 days (the average is 65 days) – the duration decreases with litter size (i.e. the smaller the litter, the longer the pregnancy). The mean length of pregnancy for a litter of 1 guinea pig is 70 days; for a litter of 6 guinea pigs its 67 days.

When can a baby guinea pig be separated from mom?

It’s important for guinea pig mothers to nurse their youngsters until they’re a minimum of 2 weeks old. Weaning at three weeks is actually optimal for growing young guinea pigs. Do not separate the pups from their mothers until they’re fully weaned.

Do guinea pigs eat their own babies?

While it is very uncommon for a guinea pig to eat its babies, there are a few instances in which a pup may be eaten by its parent. A female guinea pig might eat one of her babies if she is malnourished, if she feels there is not enough food and/or water for her and her pups, or if she is stressed or anxious.

Do guinea pigs breastfeed?

Although piggies will begin eating solid guinea pig food almost right away, nursing is still important for mom’s antibodies. Guinea pigs will nurse for 2-3 weeks.

What milk Can you give guinea pigs?

You can use full-fat goat’s milk, or make a milk mixture that is half water half evaporated milk. If you soak brown bread in the milk, then offer it to the baby guinea pigs on a teaspoon, they’ll be able to suck the milk out.

Can baby guinea pigs drink goats milk?

Zoe. However I would always give them Goats milk rather than cows milk as it is the closest, most readily available thing to cavy milk – just a little lower in protein. Guinea pig milk is 3.9% fat, 8.1% protein, 3% lactose 0.82% ash and 15.8% solids.

How do you know guinea pig is pregnant?

If your guinea pig allows you to touch her, use your fingers to gently examine her sides and stomach. Avoid putting any pressure on her body. If you feel lumps under your fingers this is a sign the female is pregnant. If you feel movement in addition to lumpiness, that’s a clear sign she is pregnant.

How long does guinea pig labor last?

Have the details of a small animal vet handy – Be prepared. Most guinea pigs give birth in the daytime hours. She will give out a cry just as she goes into labor, and it will take about five minutes to birth a pup. Each pup will have its own amniotic sac, and usually the mother removes it and eats it.

How many babies does a guinea pig have in a litter?

The litter size ranges from 1 to 8 pups, but a litter of 2 to 4 is more common. A female can give birth to up to 5 litters per year. When a guinea pig is about to give birth, any male guinea pigs near her will gather around and try to become the dominant male in order to both protect the female and mate with her.

Can male guinea pigs give birth?

When to Breed Guinea Pigs Guinea pigs are sexually mature as young as one month of age. While it is less important for the male pig to be a certain age at the time of breeding, the female needs to be less than 10 months old (at the maximum) to be able to give birth naturally.

Can you keep 2 pregnant guinea pigs together?

Under most circumstances, a pregnant guinea pig can coexist with other sows without difficulty.

Will Dad guinea pigs eat babies?

Cannibalization Concerns. It’s highly uncommon for guinea pig fathers to eat their newborn babies. That behavior is much more common in other types of rodents — specifically scared and frustrated hamster and mice fathers.

Will male guinea pigs hurt babies?

As a whole, guinea pigs do not eat their offspring, but it can happen. It’s often the result of starvation, stress, inexperience, or trauma. Sometimes it happens accidentally. Also, male guinea pig may kill the babies if he doesn’t recognize them as his own offspring.

Why do guinea pigs poop so much?

As a general rule, guinea pigs poop so much because their diet is high in fiber. The fiber in their food is what makes them poop so much. Typically, guinea pigs poop more than 100 times each day. Ultimately, factors like health, exercise, age, and their diet dictates how many times they poop each day.

What do guinea pigs eat after giving birth?

Immediately after a delivery, a female guinea pig is exhausted and nutritionally deficient. Providing extra vegetables and treats can help her get her energy back, and may serve as the pups’ first introduction to solid food.

What should a mother guinea pig eat after giving birth?

While the mom is nursing you can offer her alfalfa, which is a very rich grass. This is one of the few times you can offer it to her and the babies without worrying about the calcium content. Give the mother guinea pig and her babies the freshest and best of foods to ensure a sound base for them to grow from.

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