how do you layer a guinea pig fleece liners

How Do You Layer A Guinea Pig Fleece Liners? To use fleece bedding properly, you actually need two layers. The first layer is the fleece – wicking properly. The second layer goes under the fleece. This layer needs to be absorbent because this is the layer that is going to be soaking up the liquid.

What do you put under fleece liners? Throwing a couple of yards of fleece into the bottom of the cage isn’t really going to have the desired effect you are looking for. Some people make their own liners and use U-Haul blankets for the absorbent layer. Other people use towels, puppy pads or incontinence pads under the fleece.

What can I use as a absorbent layer on a fleece cage liner? There are different materials you can use to create the absorbent layer: U-haul blankets, mattress protectors, old bath/beach towels, or disposable options such as puppy pads/incontinence pads or newspapers.

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