how do you build a guinea pig hutch

How Do You Build A Guinea Pig Hutch? Among the safe woods are aspen, linden or basswood, poplar and kiln-dried white pine. In general, any soft, resinous or aromatic woods, such as air-dried pine, cedar, eucalyptus and redwood are not safe for your piggy.

What wood should I use to make a guinea pig hutch? Among the safe woods are aspen, linden or basswood, poplar and kiln-dried white pine. In general, any soft, resinous or aromatic woods, such as air-dried pine, cedar, eucalyptus and redwood are not safe for your piggy.

Will guinea pigs eat a wooden cage?

It is absolutely fine for your guinea pigs to chew on wood. After all, in the wild, its exactly how they wear their teeth down. But what you need to remember is not all woods are suitable for guinea pigs. Cedar, redwood, pine and eucalyptus are just a few aromatic kinds of wood that aren’t safe for cavies.

Can guinea pigs be in a wooden cage?

Wooden Guinea Pig cages are a great option for a cavy. Because they tend to munch everything around them, it makes sense to surround them with natural, safe materials like wood. When looking for a wooden cage for a cavy, make sure it provides easy access so you can clean it thoroughly on a daily basis.

Is pine OK for guinea pigs?

Pine also gives off aromatic hydrocarbons (phenols) that are harmful to guinea pigs. Kiln-dried pine gives off fewer phenols and may be used, although with the variety of bedding available, it is best to choose a bedding that gives off no known phenols. Don’t use pine.

Can you use plywood for guinea pigs?

Adult Guinea Pig It is great in keeping the ply clean & dry!

What bedding do you use for guinea pigs?

There are several types of bedding available for Guinea Pigs to nest in, including paper-based, fleece, wood, and hay. The best bedding for your Guinea Pig is either a paper or fleece based bedding.

How much space do 2 guinea pigs need?

Two guinea pigs: 7.5 square feet (minimum), but at least 10.5 square feet (30” x 50”) is preferred. Three guinea pigs: 10.5 square feet (minimum), but at least 13 square feet (30” x 62”) is preferred.

How do you put a guinea pig outside?

If your Guinea Pig is going to spend the winter outside ensure that his hutch is well insulated, and out of the path of high wind. You can insulate your Guinea Pig’s hutch by covering the roof and exterior walls with blanket, tarpaulin or carpet. Try nailing it down to keep it in place.

What do you put at the bottom of a guinea pig cage?

The best items to put on the bottom of a guinea pig cage are absorbent, soft, and odorless. Hay, paper and aspen shavings, 100% wood pellets, and fleece meet those basic requirements. Used alone or combined with other materials, all are good options to cover the bottom of a cavy enclosure.

Can you make your own guinea pig cage?

If you have a knack for building projects, then you may want to consider constructing a guinea pig cage. You can customize it to fit any space, and some enclosures are ideal for use inside and outside.

Do guinea pig cages need tops?

Do we NEED a TOP for our guinea pig cage? The general answer is NO. Guinea pigs are not climbers or jumpers or escape artists. It is not in their nature.

How much does a cage cost for a guinea pig?

The cost of guinea pig cages : $90-255 If you opt for a pair of female guinea pigs, a 4×2 C&C cage would be the minimum size recommended, retailing at $90 here at Kavee. If you opt for a pair of male guinea pigs, a 5×2 C&C cage is preferable, retailing at $95 here at Kavee.

What does it mean when guinea pigs bite their cage?

Guinea pigs’ teeth grow continuously throughout their life, so they need to chew regularly to keep their teeth down to a healthy size. Chewing on their cage bars could mean they do not have enough things to chew on, but most likely they simply enjoy the feeling of the metal bars.

Is it OK for guinea pigs to chew on cardboard?

Guinea pigs’ digestive systems allow them to chew wood and wood-based products such as paper and cardboard without any ill effects. Before placing cardboard in your cavy’s cage, make sure it won’t become a hazard to his health.

Can guinea pigs have sticks from outside?

Untreated wood sticks or blocks are fine for your guinea pig, with the exception of pine and cedar which have strong odors, making for discomfort and possible lung damage. Paper towel or toilet paper rolls are also fine, but take off as much of any remaining adhesives prior to use.

Do guinea pigs chew on furniture?

Guinea pigs are chewers, so pay particular attention to any items that might get chewed. All guinea pigs are individuals with different tastes and habits. Some might really like to chew your furniture, others might chew cords and others might chew your electronics.

Can I use a towel for guinea pig bedding?

The main con of using towels or bath mats as bedding is that they are not meant for this purpose, and may not be as absorbent as guinea pig bedding made to be used as bedding. This means that you may need to clean them more often.

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