how do hamsters stuff their cheeks

How Do Hamsters Stuff Their Cheeks? Most of the time, they fill their cheeks with food, but sometimes mother hamsters store their babies in their cheeks for protection. Hamster cheeks contain pouches that resemble small deflated balloons. As food enters, the pouch expands and retractor muscles squeeze the pouch and pull food back.

Why do hamster stuff their cheeks? Hamster Cheeks All hamsters have cheek pouches. These large pockets are evaginations of the oral mucosa and can stretch all the way back to a hamster’s shoulders. The primary purpose of the pouches is to carry food from place to place. In the wild, hamsters use their cheeks to bring food back to their burrows.

How do hamster cheek pouches work? Hamsters carry food to their underground storage chambers using their spacious cheek pouches. A hamster “can literally fill its face with food.” When full, the pouches can make the hamsters’ heads double, or even triple in size.

Why does my hamster empty his cheeks on me?

It’s even more entertaining to watch them diligently empty their cheeks when they’ve decided it’s time to do so. What is this? This is perfectly normal and healthy behavior for all hamsters, so don’t stress. Your hamster’s simply channeling their wild roots and natural instincts.

Why is my hamster puffed up?

Hamsters with breathing problems will often seem generally unwell and may be hunched-up, quiet in themselves and off their food. If your hamster is showing these symptoms, it is important to take them to the vet as soon as possible.

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