do you need to trim hamsters nails

Do You Need To Trim Hamsters Nails? If your hamster’s nails are overgrown so that they are folding inwards or curling sideways, they likely need to be trimmed. If you are not comfortable with trimming the hamster’s nails, then you should take him to the vet to have them trimmed.

What happens if you don’t cut your hamster’s nails? Excessively long claws can easily get stuck onto substrate or other items, for one. This can trigger the splitting apart of the nails, and ultimately painful bleeding. If hamster nails are overly long and experience breakage, that can lead to potential infection, too.

When should I cut my hamsters nails? Not all hamsters require trimming of their nails. In fact, many will do this on their own by scratching at things in their environment. However, elderly and sickly hamsters are prone to having nail overgrowth issues. This can also happen to perfectly healthy, young hamsters.

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