do dwarf hamsters need a companion

Do Dwarf Hamsters Need A Companion? Habitat mates Hamsters are solitary animals, but dwarf hamsters may be kept in same-sex pairs if they are raised together; otherwise, keep adult hamsters housed separately. Different types of small animals should not be housed together.

Can dwarf hamsters live alone? As long as your hamsters seem to have made peace, you can leave them alone together — but you must continue to monitor their behavior for life to make sure aggressiveness does not develop between the pair as time goes on.

Are dwarf hamsters better alone or in pairs? Due to their social nature, dwarf hamsters are friendlier and more comfortable when kept in pairs (same sex or mixed sex) or small groups, rather than when kept alone. Dwarf hamsters bond closely over time and usually for life. If they live with a cagemate, they tend to be friendlier toward humans.

Can I have 2 dwarf hamsters in the same cage? These hamsters are often known as ‘dwarf’ or ‘Russian’ hamster and grow to 8cm in length. They can live together – either two of the same sex as a pair and sometimes in same sex groups.

Do hamsters prefer to live alone?

Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and should always be kept with one hamster per cage, yet it seems that pet stores often violate this rule. It is not unusual to see groups of hamsters apparently living in peaceful coexistence at pet stores, but there’s a reason you should not do this at home.

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