can hamsters eat cat treats

Can Hamsters Eat Cat Treats? In general, cat treats that are just plain freeze dried meats are fine, but you want to avoid any chewy treats or treats that contain added vitamins/minerals. Also avoid treats containing liver except as a very rare treat, as it is very rich for hamsters.

Can I give my hamster cat treats? Cat food is not the most ideal for feeding to your hamster, although feeding them a small amount infrequently shouldn’t harm them. Cats are obligate carnivores. They get all their nutrition from animal products, so cat food is ideally made entirely from animals.

Are Dreamies cat treats safe for hamsters? I hope this helped! I just googled them and “meat and animal derivatives” were listed as an ingredient, therefore they are not safe for your hamster. Animal derivatives could be anything. Their small to you, but would be a whole meal to a tiny hamster!

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