can boy hamsters have babies

Can Boy Hamsters Have Babies? “THERE ARE BABIES!” I was the first thing they saw in daylight! One of them began to explore the hamster cage and the other, quite naturally, stayed in the nest. The two brothers that were both sexed as male have managed to produce offspring!

Can 2 male hamsters have babies? “THERE ARE BABIES!” I was the first thing they saw in daylight! One of them began to explore the hamster cage and the other, quite naturally, stayed in the nest. The two brothers that were both sexed as male have managed to produce offspring!

Can a hamster be pregnant without a male? The average length of a pregnancy for a hamster is 15-21 days, so your hamster would need to have been housed with a male hamster within roughly the last three weeks in order to be pregnant. If she hasn’t had company in more than four weeks, then she cannot be pregnant.

Do male hamsters eat their babies? If you are housing multiple females together—or leaving the father in the cage—it might not have been the mother at all. Some hamsters will eat other’s young as a territorial act. Dads are guilty, too. Mothers need to be totally alone in a cage with their pups until they get a bit bigger.

Can boy hamsters get in heat?

Breeding Age Male hamsters mature more slowly; they generally become reproductively capable between 10 and 14 weeks old. Male hamsters do not have heat cycles.

Will two male hamsters fight?

When two hamsters are bought together at a pet shop and brought home to a new and more stable environment, they usually start to fight each other as they mature and their territorial instincts begin to develop.

Can a 1 month old hamster get pregnant?

At 4 to 5 weeks, all hamster species are fully weaned and capable of fending for themselves. Hamsters of the Syrian species are normally sexually mature as early as 4 weeks of age—a female Syrian hamster can conceive, and a male Syrian hamster can father a litter.

How do I know if my hamster is a boy or girl?

You’ll want to look at space between their genitalia (vaginal and penile openings) and their anus. In females, the space between the vaginal opening and anus can sometimes be so close together that it looks like a single organ. In males, the space will be farther apart than in females and the testicles may be visible.

When can I touch baby hamsters?

Although the inclination to hold these tiny babies might be strong, avoid touching them during their first two weeks of life. The mother hamster may take drastic measures to defend her young from any perceived predator, even you. Under severe stress, a mother hamster may kill and eat her little pups.

Do hamsters eat their babies if humans touch them?

Apparently, it’s totally normal for hamsters to eat their young. According to, “Especially in first-time mothers, stress and fear associated with rearing babies can be too much to handle.” Look we get it, mama.

Why do hamsters shove food in their cheeks?

Cheek Maintenance Hamster cheeks are handy for maintaining food because of the lack of salivary glands. This lets the rodents keep their food supplies dry. However, abscesses can develop from food scraping the inside of the cheek pouch.

Do hamsters have big balls?

These are normal and nothing to worry about. Also, the testicles of male hamsters enlarge in the spring, so two large swellings at the bottom end of your hamster are usually nothing to worry about.

Why is my female hamster attacking my male hamster?

Hamsters in general tend to fight when they are put together in the same cage, this is why it’s usually not recommended to keep them in groups. If she is pregnant there is more chance that she will attack him, you need to separate them permanently.

Why is my hamsters bum bleeding?

It could represent blood in the urine, which then may mean an infection in the bladder, stones in the bladder or even infection in the kidneys. Another possibility is that the blood could be coming from the gastrointestinal tract due to a bacterial infection, parasites or even cancer.

Can two different hamsters live together?

In general, the answer is no. It’s not safe to keep hamsters together. In the wild, most hamsters live alone and only seek out other hamsters when it’s time to mate. For hamsters in captivity, life should mirror that of a wild hamster as closely as possible.

Do hamsters eat their mate?

Syrian Hamsters This breed is territorial and will fight other hamsters, especially those of the same sex. In some cases, the Syrian will kill his cage mate and then eat him. This can be very traumatic for any pet owner to discover. Males and females can be housed together when the female is in heat.

Can hamster siblings stay together?

Keeping Hamsters Together. Keeping brothers or sisters together is a great idea, as they have known each other since birth. Hamsters that are littermates will usually have already sorted out who’s in charge, and all those other social niceties.

Can you put 2 teddy bear hamsters in the same cage?

After reaching sexual maturity at the age of 8 weeks, teddy bear hamsters must live in individual cages. Otherwise, they will fight incessantly. This is true whether you have two males, two females or a male and female in the same habitat.

Why is my hamster squeaking?

Squeaking: Hamsters tend to make a squeaking sound if they’re feeling distressed or scared. You may notice this noise when you move your hamster into your home for the first time, although they might also vocalise in this way at any time that they’re feeling agitated.

How will I know if my hamster is pregnant?

You can tell that a hamster is pregnant if she appears to have gain weight. A noticeable bulge in her abdomen just over her hips can be seen days before the delivery. She acts restless and agitated. She hoards more food than usual and begins to add more bedding materials to the nest.

Do hamsters give birth all at once?

Hamsters give live birth. Once the process begins it could happen quickly or take several hours. The mother will clean each baby as it is born and tuck it underneath her body to nurse and keep it warm.

Do hamsters suffer from inbreeding?

Today, the hamsters you see in pet stores are most likely descendants of Aharoni’s litter. Because these hamsters are so inbred, they typically have heart disease similar to what humans suffer.

What do you call a baby hamster?

Baby hamsters are called pups. Usually hamsters have about 8 pups at once.

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