are roborovski hamsters good pets

Are Roborovski Hamsters Good Pets? Roborovski hamsters are naturally gentle, so they make good pets. Though your robo dwarf hamster cage might be full of activity! However, scientists doing research on them call them un-tameable. This means that they might not try to bite you, but that they may never get used to being picked up or cuddled.

Are roborovski hamsters friendly? We think all dwarf hamsters make great pets and Roborovskis are no exception! Robos tend to be quite shy but there’s no doubt these hamsters are curious little animals who love to play. They are usually friendly and won’t inflict a bite unless threatened.

Are Robo hamsters good for beginners? They are not a beginner pet, have special requirements and tend to live longer than the other species of hamsters. These hamsters do better in a quieter household with no predatory animals (e.g. cats).

Can roborovski hamsters be tamed? Roborovski hamsters are very skittish, so it will take a lot of patience if you want to tame one. For the first week or so, talk to your hamster for about 10-15 minutes twice a day. After the first few days, place your hand in the cage and leave it there for a few minutes, but don’t try to touch the hamster.

Do roborovski hamsters bite?

In addition to biting while trying to earn its trust, your hamster may bite you at other times, so you need to teach it that biting is not allowed. A harmless punishment that you can try with your hamster is to blow in its face.

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